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The No1 Outdoor advertising agency that strives to meet the advertising and marketing needs of the customers on the most powerful and exemplary Outdoor platforms. Our Round-the-clock Outdoor advertising services helps you showcase your business marvels on the perfect outdoor media that establishes your brand image in the Targeted customer Market. We cover A to Z outdoor services at heart-of-the city locations with high-quality fabrication.

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    Outdoor Advertising Services

    Bus Shelter Advertising
    Bus Shelter

    Bus shelter ads have been the major source of eye-catching ad space destination. If you are looking for a most alluring and creative way to showcase your ads both on daylight and on the night , make use of the bus shelters as it not only captures the attention of the onlookers but also it covers the waiting crowd!

    Outdoor Advertising Company
    Outdoor Ads

    We own over 5000 Hoardings & Adspaces in major cities and towns across India to help our clients promote their brands with our engaging and visually appealing OOH media solutions, placed at stratergic locations for maximum visiblity.

    Busback Advertising Company
    Busback Ads

    Need to capture audience attention while they are commuting or held in traffic? Our Busback ads can help you achieve this, We are bulk advertising partners with major State Road Transport Corporations. thereby giving you the lowest prices

    Outdoor Advertising Agency
    Center Median

    very one travells by road and no one avoids using it, in that case, if you are looking for an effective platform to hoist your ads then you can go for the center median. The travelers can never avoid gazing at it as it takes the centermost part of the road, with glistening fabric and the light on techniques you can attract them both day and night.

    Hoarding Advertising Agency
    Pole Kiosk

    With pole kiosk your ads will not only take the center part of the Road but also it can hoist your ads to heights by simply making it look attractive and fascinating. Either it's the latest arrival or the recent launch, you can expose your service/brands through pole kiosk. Pole kiosk guarantees customer engagement.

    Billboard Advertising Company
    Police Booth

    By placing your ads at police booth you can conquer the maximum gaze with powerful content and stunning design. If you wish to see your ads getting delivered at the most effective spot of the city, then you can go for Police booth ads, and it guarantees customer engagement as thousands of onlookers move across it every day.

    Outdoor Digital Signage Company
    Signal Post

    If you wish to make your ads be visible in heart-of-the-city location, then ads on a signal post can be a wise choice. If you want to make their wait worth a while, then place your interesting ads on the signal post to grab their attention. With signal post ads you can win maximum brand visibility.

    Digital Billboard Advertising Company

    Hoardings are the best and the most powerful ad space that arrests the attention of the onlookers for more than 5 min. Your ads on hoardings can be the best decision for ROI as it yields instant results by bringing in more footfalls into the store.

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    We are one of The Largest Advertising Agencies in South India with Operations Spanning Across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Rest of India & Oversees

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    How much does it cost to advertise on a billboard?

    Advertising rates vary depending on the location of the advertising board, duration, size of the panel, psycho-graphics of the viewers, traffic count and many more.

    For eg., The cost for a 28 days campaign at a screen in the center of a city will be higher than the cost for a 14 days campaign at a screen placed on a road leading to a small town. Maintenance will be done at free of cost in case of any damage during the campaign. With standard sizes of billboards normally being 14” * 48” 10’6” * 36’ 10’ * 24’ and 5’ * 11’. Bulletins come in different non-standard sizes.

    The easiest way to measure the reach of the OOH campaign is to calculate the sales before and after running an ad campaign. If there is a marked increase in sales, then the campaign is working. The effectiveness of Outdoor advertising can also be measured by tracking the usage of your hash-tags, landing page (campaign specific URL), keywords and promo code.
    The standard taxation is at 18% GST, However there are some variations in different types of ads. Classified into Service Account Code's
    1. IT design and development services - 998314
    2. Advertising services - 998361
    3. Sale of advertising time or space (On Commission) - 998362
    4. Sale of advertising space in print media - 998363
    5. Sale of Internet advertising space - 998365
    6. Sale of TV and Radio advertising time - 998364
    7. Sale of other advertising space or time (Except on commission) - 998366