Billboards Advertising Fosters your Business Goals !

It’s very usual to see hundreds of OOH ads every day, and some times more than hundreds , especially if you live in a city like Bangalore or Chennai or Delhi or any other popular metropolitan cities.But how far are we able to recollect these ads by the end of the day ? The answer will be vague!.

What is an OOH( Out-of-Home) Advertising ?

OOH advertising is broadly defined as outdoor advertising which is described as any type of campaign that reaches consumers who are out side their homes. It is considered as a Mass-Market medium, just like Broadcast, Radio and Television campaign. Mostly outdoor advertising is used to deliver broad messages, branding and to support campaigns !.

Types of Outdoor Advertising :

Outdoor media is best for people who carry out their means of transport by means of foot, mass transit or by car or bus. Every one has to step out of their house everyday for work or other requirements, hence the possibilities of reaching the target customers is significantly high with Outdoor Advertising.

1. Hoardings / Billboards

Hoist your brand to the sky and be fierce in your ideas!

2. Bus Shelter/ Bus Bays

Make use of their their Resting time to deliberately Impresse them !

3. Traffic signs/ Traffic Shelters

Make use of their waiting time Meticulously!

It is not easy and simple to convey a complex message on a medium , which has the chance of being viewed only for a few seconds or minute . The main advantage of OOH ads is that it supports other Ad mediums like TV, Direct Mail, Radio and other Print Campaigns. The objective of OOH advertising is to keep the product or service right in the tip of their mind while other media takes up the responsibility of doing the heavy lifting .
With the Advent of technology and internet , which makes mobile and websites a great tool, Outdoor advertising is used to make people do something instantly.

Though digital medium has popped up like mushrooms, still it needs a kick start to fire up and kindle the interest of the consumers, and only a OOH advertising can do that. OOH advertising drives people to develop the brand knowledge through Instagram , Facebook and Websites. OOH advertising can make you begin a perfect and impressive conversation with the consumer and it can also prompt an outdoor campaign to go energetically viral.If you have planned for an campaign, only an Outdoor advertising can perform the mediator job of becoming a focal point of the entire Ad campaign.

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