• We have around 2000 Billboard/Hoarding & Other Media from Tamilnadu.
  • We have 125 Media owner and their sites,Which are available in the Booking platform.
  • Our Sites Help the client based on online booking platform delivers a Reasonable cost with Excellent services.

Adinn targets diverse market and enhances product presence through strategic placement of attention grabbing hoardings and billboards. We promote brand awareness for our clients and reach high frequency of customers through cost effective Hoardings/Billboard advertising services. We implement creative display approaches to strengthen the impact of specific brand. Our Hoarding and Billboards advertising medium maintains consistency and stability in conveying brand visibility and popularity.


We offer flexible way of brand promotion and attractive advertising panels to target the audience through Bus Shelter/ Bus Bay advertising medium. We deliver uninterrupted visibility of brands and client products for longer period of time to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Thereby, providing immense reach in an equitably high frequency consumer environment.


We empower our brand promotion through traffic signs advertising that provides abiding impact on heavy traffic vehicular movement. We focus in conveying contemporary technology solutions for impressive advertising. We are dedicated to deliver the message productively and successfully over diverse customer base and more than what our clients ask for.

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