About Us

Adinn Advertising Services is an innovation-driven, full-service marketing communication company based in Tamil Nadu having major presence in both urban and rural markets of South India.

Apart from providing a gamut of communication strategies, collaterals and professional support for brand promotion, Adinn specializes in execution of outsourced marketing plans.

With a 200-odd workforce consisting of specialists, Adinn has the capacity to offer quick client support and deliver superior value across a wide range of media verticals including Roadshow, Outdoor, Signage, Event, Human Billboard, Newspaper, FM Radio and Television. Fully-owned 100 road show vehicles and the 400 prime outdoor sites present an impressive array of choices for clients to derive maximum mileage from their promotional campaigns.

While Adinn’s Creative Design Studio delights clients with projects from conception to completion, its in-house high quality Flex and Offset printing services provide huge advantage for deadline-conscious clients.

As a 18-year old company renowned for quality Adinn provides cost-effective communication strategies and solutions for all advertising needs.


Why Choose Adinn Outdoors?

Great Offers and Discounts

Attractive weekly offers on Outdoor packages and special discounts will suit your ad budgets.

475+Innovative Outdoor Option

We own innovative outdoor properties at strategic locations in every Taluk, Town and City across TN.

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